Site: 631 Arrowhead Road
Stevenson, WA 98648

Type: Collaborative Forest Research &
Girls Scout Lodge
Program: Visitor Center Classrooms
Cafeteria Auditorium
Library Labs
Bunk Room Resident Units

Here the walls thrust out of the ground lifting up the land opening a space within. Natural light seeps in through the gap between wall and ceiling. The gently sloping roof is covered in wildflowers and mountain grass. Occasionally the small saplings are collected from this roofscape and planted elsewhere in the forest. Arriving visitors are greeted with a welcoming gesture as the roof slopes opposite the land, reaching out and lifting up, inviting the visitors inside.

The Forest Research and Lodge facility combines the necessity to gain knowledge and insight into the environment as well as the need to pass those values on to the next generation of Girl Scouts. It would not only act as a research center but also as classroom, visitor center, and cafeteria. This program would allow the Girl Scouts to operate their camp along with providing the tools and knowledge base to preserve and manage the surrounding forest. It represents a synergy that benefits both humans and environment.
The architectural language attempts to communicate a connection with the land, environment, people, and place. A common thread throughout my work.


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