The Crossroads Hotel attempts to express Portland’s sense of community, individuality, and materiality. Here a traveler can stay for a short weekend or a long-term engagement. Designed with the intention of weaving one into the city, several elements of Portland are pulled into and pixelated throughout the design.

• The name comes from the site’s location. The name comes from the site’s location. Literally where Hwy 99 (MLK & Grand) crosses over Interstate 84.
• Wood and steel are chosen for their prevalence in Portland’s industrial sector. Surrounded by forest and located on a river both steel and wood are part of Portland’s industrial past, present and future.
• A sense of individuality is expressed by varying the position of windows and room orientation. Each room gazes out onto one of the 4 quadrants of Portland (N, NW, SW, or SE) orienting a visitor to the city grid.
• Rooms are clustered around six vertical circulation stacks, giving a sense of three communities.
• Each elevator is named after one of Portland’s well-known streets in order to familiarize visitors with these areas.
• Conference rooms are named after five the surrounding neighborhoods, including; Lloyd, Sullivan’s Gulch, Old-Town Chinatown, Kerns, and Buckman.

The underlying principle of the design is to express Portland’s bold uniqueness as well as its sense of community within the frame of today’s diverse pixilated local and global society. Taking notes from the Bauhaus, the simple yet complex design strives to shape a place where art, craft, and people become the highlight and focus of attention. The pixelated exterior volumes convey the relationship between individuality and community in a language of materiality that express Portland’s sensibilities.


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