Pickathon Treeline Stage


Site: Farm, Happy Valley, OR

Type: Design/Build Music Festival Stage

Project Team: Kendra Bostwick, Abolfazl Mekanik, Nic Pectol, Timothy Ruppel, Jenna Wasser

The Treeline Stage 2015 was designed and built by graduate students Kendra Bostwick, Abolfazl Mekanik, Nic Pectol, Timothy Ruppel, and Jenna Wasser; along with Professor Travis Bell and Director Clive Knights. Travis Bell and Clive Knights developed the idea of diversion architecture in the prior years of the studio. Our task as five graduate students was to think up a design that would follow the principals of diversion architecture and oversee the construction of that design during the summer build course. Diversion architecture utilizes materials that are already slated to be produced and consumed, for an intermediate purpose; a temporary structure. In this case, the temporary structure was a stage at the Pickathon music festival.

The temporary stage had to be constructed within a 2-week time frame prior to the concert. The material we integrated was large paper tubes used to store and transport rolls of sheet metal. This material was a locally made product and one that was already being made out of recycled material. We definitely got some mileage out of these tubes!

The Treeline Stage of 2015 was well received. It won the AIA Portland Jury’s Award in 2015 as well as making it onto the social media sites of several performers and attendees of the festival.


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